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One of the many great perks of being a Free Geek volunteer is that we have a lot of good food donated to us. We get bread, fruit and other foods, some of which get eaten some of which are a little over ripe and need to be disposed of. Food can create a bit of a mess if not properly attended to, so we appreciate you helping keep these areas clean and comfortable for volunteers and staff. See Cleaning for information about where to find cleaning supplies, etc.


  • refill all dish soap containers with dilute dish soap from supply closet (if there is no dish soap in the supply closet ask the people at the front desk).
  • wash the dishes in both kitchen sinks, dry them, and put them away.
  • organize the cups, plates and cutlery on the shelves or under the sink (if needed).


  • get rid of all the nasty stuff out of the volunteer fridge (you do not need to clean the staff fridge).
  • wipe down surfaces inside.


  • wipe down counters.


  • get rid of all rock hard bread (unless you want to take it home and make bread crumbs).
  • through away all salvageable fruits and vegetables, unless a compost bin is available.
  • wipe down the microwave.