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Use of the board communications channels

There are three lists dedicated to board business.

  1. Board-announce is the most limited in scope. It is a broadcast (not discussion) list for minutes, agendas, proposals, and announcements. Because of its content restrictions, it is moderated by the board secretary or delegate. But because it is basically unnecessary for people who are subscribed to the board-discuss list to subscribe to announce, it is important to remain aware that this channel exists and forward messages appropriately. I suggest regular audits to make sure. --Ideath
    It may be most relevant to send as links to the relevant archived message on board-discuss, so that context is available.-Ideath
  1. Directors is the most limited in membership. Only active board members are subscribed to this closed list. Members of the collective are whitelisted such that they may *send* to this list, but they are not subscribed. This list acts as a virtual executive session for the board and should be used only 1) for subjects that would merit an executive session or 2) to communicate information that should not be publicly archived, like personal contact information. There should be an explicit reason for using the executive list and it is good practice to state what that is when using it -Ideath.
    Note that decisions should be reported out of executive session for transparency. --Ideath
  1. Board-discuss is the main channel for email-mediated board business. It is our equivalent of an open meeting, as list membership is open to all and list activity is publicly archived. As in meetings, non-board members of the Free Geek community are present as advisors, but are not counted toward final decisions.

Participation in these lists, as all lists, should follow Free Geek's netiquette guidelines. Be excellent to each other.