Labeling and tallysheets for keeper systems

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All systems that are being kept need to have correctly marked labels. There are pre-printed labels that should be used when possible. The pre-printed labels allow you to circle most of the relevant data with a minimal need for writing stuff in. If these labels are missing, alert an evaluation coordinator and use a plain white label to clearly record the information.

Please fill out the labels as completely as possible. The sections on the label include:

Write the Gizmo ID number from the receiving label in this field.
Circle the number of DIMM slots on the motherboard.
Circle the number of RAMBUS slots on the motherboard.
Circle the number of DDR slots on the motherboard.
Processor Type
Circle the processor type (P-III, Celeron, Athlon, Duron, K6-2, K7) or write it in after "Other".
Proc Speed
Write in the processor speed. For speeds less than 1 GHz, "round off" the speed to the nearest number that ends in 00, 33, 50, or 66.
If there are any ISA slots, circle ISA.
If there are any PCI slots, circle PCI.
If there is a AGP slot, circle AGP.


Put the pre-printed label on the front of the system (not on a drive bay cover, since those can pop out.

The information recorded on the label should also be recorded on the tally sheet.