Labeling and tallysheets for keeper systems

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All systems that are being kept need to have correctly marked labels. There are pre-printed labels that should be used when possible. The pre-printed labels allow you to circle most of the relevant data with a minimal need for writing stuff in. If these labels are missing, alert an evaluation coordinator and use a plain white label to clearly record the information.

Please fill out the labels as completely as possible. The sections on the label include:

   * ID
         o Write the Gizmo ID number from the receiving label in this field.
   * DIMMs
         o Circle the number of DIMM slots on the motherboard. (Double check the number, rather than blindly accepting the note on the label from Evaluation I.)
   * Processor Type
         o Circle "No Proc" or the processor type. If it's a standard Intel Pentium III or greater (as opposed to an off brand) circle ">=P-III".
   * Proc Speed
         o Write in the processor speed. For speeds less than 1 GHz, "round off" the speed to the nearest number that ends in 00, 33, 50, or 66.
   * Socket Type
         o Circle the type of socket that the motherboard has (or "Slot" if it's a slot based motherboard). Also circle "Dual" if there are two identical slots or sockets.
   * ISA, PCI, AGP
         o If there are any ISA slots, circle ISA.
         o If there are any PCI slots, circle PCI.
         o If there is a AGP slot, circle AGP.


Put the pre-printed label on the front of the system (not on a drive bay cover, since those can pop out.

The information recorded on the label should also be recorded on the tally sheet.