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==Laptop Binder Table of Contents (by Category)==
==Laptop Binder Table of Contents (by Category)==
;Core Tasks Lists
:[[Laptop Recycling|Recycling]]
:[[As-Is Checklist|As-Is]]
:[[Laptop Evaluation Guide|Evaluation]]
:[[Laptop Build Checklist|Build]]
:[[Laptop Build Abbreviated Checklist|Abbreviated Build Checklist]]
:[[Laptop QC Checklist|Quality Control]]
:Battery Testing
:[[Memtest for Builders]]
:Badblocks (Instructor only because of database logging stuff?)
:(POST verification/eval)
:(Keyboard/Trackpad testing)
:'''A-1''': [[Laptop POST Troubleshooting Guide]]
:How to fill out keeper label
:'''A-2''': [[Laptop Network Boot]]
:Tools guides
:'''A-3''': [[Laptop Specs]]
:[[Template:Network_Booting|Network Boot Instructions]]
:'''A-4''': [[Memtest for Builders]]
::HW detection kit
:'''A-5''': [[Batterytest for Builders]]
::other options
:Laptop infrastructure tools (imaging station, research stations, testing shelf documentation...)
:CLI tips and tricks (wiki only)
:Wiki tutorial and scavenger hunt/ideas for hands on activities
:volunteer instructor
:staff trainee
:(resource for outside orgs)

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