Laptop Build Abbreviated Checklist

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  • This is a brief guide for experienced builders.
  • Reference your build binder for how-to and troubleshooting instructions.
  • Thanks for all your hard work!

1. Inspect the system

☐ Replace needed parts, repair damages where possible, note cosmetic damage on the Keeper label.

2. Verify Keeper lable information

☐ Fill out the top sections of the Keeper label.

3. Check for an imaged hard drive

☐ Install a drive as needed, according to Laptop Specs (A-3).

4. Check optical drive hardware

☐ Make sure the laptop has a CD/DVD-ROM or CD/DVD-RW drive installed.

  • Note the drive on the Keeper label as well.

5. Find an appropriate AC adapter


☐ Set the BIOS boot order.

  • Optical drive first, hard drive second, network boot last.

☐ Verify that BIOS recognizes approximately the same amount of RAM as recorded on the Keeper label.

7. Test Input Devices

☐ Use the Keyboard and Mouse testing software on the network boot menu.

  • Be sure to test all trackpad inputs.

8. Boot into Xubuntu 12.04

9. Run basiccheck and stress-test

  • For audio, be sure to test both internal speakers and headphone (1/8") jack.

10. Configure networking

☐ Confirm internet access via LAN port by browsing to a website.
☐ Confirm wireless works by browsing to a website.

11. Install restricted extras and check for proprietary drivers

☐ Run Restricted Extras & DVD Codec installer.
☐ Check for Additional Hardware drivers. Ask your instructor before installing proprietary drivers.

12. Test optical drive

☐ Verify that the optical drive can read CD and DVD media.

  • Disk burning testing has been removed from laptop build for the time being.

13. Test USB ports

14. Run printme

☐ Make sure your instructor signs off on the digital copy.
☐ Print a copy of the Printme to the Desktop.

15. Next steps

☐ Set the appropriate GUI settings for batterytest in Menu >> Settings >> Power Management.
☐ Review the Keeper label, and start any needed tests.