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[[Category: Volunteer Training]]

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Welcome to Laptop Build!

In Laptop Build, we evaluate and build all of the laptop donations Free Geek receives. As laptops have begun taking center stage in the personal computing world in recent years, this program is fast becoming more central to Free Geek's mission of reuse.

Refurbishing laptops is a different world compared to working on desktop systems. Where almost all of the internal components in a desktop system are modular and replaceable, the same simply isn't true for laptop systems. Laptops are highly engineered machines that rely on very particular and proprietary components. In addition, the components and the pieces that hold them together are much smaller and require a delicate touch and a lot of patience. It's very easy to accidently render a system unusable by trying to force it open, stripping a screw, or snapping an innocuous piece of plastic. This program is designed to introduce you to the many varied forms a laptop can take and help you to gain experience in safely disassembling and troubleshooting them.

Laptop Builder Orientation Checklist

Laptop Prebuild

Volunteer Name
Volunteer ID
Start Date
Hardware ID

☐ Can identify core laptop parts and hardware
☐ Has been introduced to different kinds of RAM and RAM sorting
☐ Can successfully complete a laptop teardown and reassembly project
☐ Demonstrates good organizational skills and tool usage
☐ Completed Laptop build room tour
☐ Introduced to recycling and as-is documentation
☐ Can identify and remove data bearing devices
☐ Can correctly select AC adapters
☐ Completed operating system tour
☐ Completed command line for laptop build
☐ Intro to POST troubleshooting
☐ Intro to Network tools
☐ Wireless LAN troubleshooting tutorial
☐ Hardware testing tools
☐ Intro to build binders

Instructor Notes (please include date and initials)