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  • To draft a viable Laptop Pre-Build program that prepares people for the

Laptop Build program

    • To establish teaching resources (instructor based as well as

self-guided resources) for Hardware ID/Recycling

    • To create a program syllabus that demonstrates skills and subjects

covered by the program

    • To have enough time before implementing the program to allow for training
  • To think about creating a standard for builders, something like a "Free

Geek Laptop Tech" program

  • And eventually, to add continuing education resources to the existing

Laptop Build program

  • Make resources for ESL folks available
    • Spanish builder glossary


The Laptop Pre-Build Program is divided into four sections, that correlate roughly to four shifts. Folks can repeat needed sections as needed. The Four Letter Plan:

A Hardware Intro
Hardware ID
Disassembly/Assembly strategies
Practice on Recyclers using Recycle procedure
B Hardware Cont'd
Hardware ID review (maybe a test or something)
Network Tools intro
POST troubleshooting
More recycler practice, maybe an AS-IS machine or two
C Mechanical Skills
Put what you've learned into practice! Spend the shift honing

mechanical skills and POST troubleshooting. Review any needed material

D Build Prep
OS tour
CLI for laptops
WLAN troubleshooting
Laptop Build Binder Appendix Tour
Recycle/As-Is with any additional time


  • How to make the program inclusive without losing build quality
  • What has been attempted before?
  • How to make each section teachable when builders may be at different stages, how to balance instruction with self-instruction resources


  • Hardware ID examples
    • Tear down machines, labeled
    • Image-based glossary in English and Spanish