Laptop Hardware ID

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<gallery> File:Hard_Drive_Sizes.jpg|3.5", 2.5", 1.8" and 1" Hard Drives File:PCMCIA_Hard_Drive.JPG| PCMCIA (PC Card) Hard Drive File:SD-card.jpg|SD Card File:Mini_PCIe_SSD.jpg|Mini PCIe Solid State Drive File:Audio_jack.jpg|Audio Input Jack File:DIMM_slot.jpg|DIMM (RAM) Slot File:Ethernet_port.jpg|Ethernet (LAN) Port File:Hdd_caddy_example.jpg|Hard Drive Caddy Example with SATA Drive File:Hdmi_vga.jpg|HDMI, S-Video and VGA Ports File:Laptop_keyboard_connector.jpg|Keyboard connector File:MiniPCI_and_MiniPCI_Express_cards.jpg|Mini PCI and Mini PCIe Wireless Cards File:Ac_adapter_sketch.jpg|AC Adapter File:Usb_ports.jpg|USB Ports File:Pata-vs-sata.jpg|PATA (IDE) vs SATA Hard Drives File:Laptop_underbelly.jpg|Laptop Underbelly File:IntelCPU.jpg|Laptop CPU from Intel File:CPU_GPU.jpg|Laptop CPU and GPU File:CMOS_diagram.jpg|CMOS Battery Diagram File:Screen_assembly_diagram.jpg|Screen Assembly Diagram File:Heatsink_and_fan.jpg|Heatsink and CPU Fan