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This is a resource for scheduling large groups. We need to ask the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • How many will be on the tour?
  • Are there any special accommodations?
  • When will you be coming?
  • Contact info: name/number/email

Scheduled Group Tours

This could be a good resource for organizing scheduled group tours. The information from above can be included here with the person who will be giving the tour.

  • OMSI
    • June 25 and July 2
    • 24 kids, 4 adults
    • We should probably split in two groups and have one group disassemble floppies while the other half takes the tour
    • Staggered ahead of regularly scheduled tour; 11:15-11:30?
    • Contact: Brian 503-797-4537 (VM) or 503-710-2048 (cell)
  • ITT Technical Institute
    • July 15th at Noon (second tour guide needed!)
    • 17 adult students, 1 lead
    • Contact = Ken Luchini: 503.775.1385
    • Kathie & Michael Kauffman regularly scheduled. Hopefully able to each do a tour.
  • Access Program
    • July 22, noon tour
    • Mixed group of kids and adults. If fewer than 10, they will just show up, but if more, they will let us know.
    • Need contact name and number to secure confirmation
  • Intel
    • Thursday July 24 and Thursday August 7
    • 14 Adults - past Intel groups are very capable, flexible
    • Tentatively scheduled for 2-7 pm -- this is blocked out on the daily schedule sheets
    • David Hayden is contact:
    • Probably tour on 7/24 at 2 pm
    • MK is Free Geek contact while Liane/Darryl out (Liane back 7/8, Darryl back 7/9)

Large tour concerns

  • Dismantling floppies, other tasks for splitting large tour groups up
    • Block out recycling table in schedule & let recycling know (need safety goggles and gloves for all)
  • Do we have staff,intern, volunteer with one group recycling while the other group is on the tour?
  • Should the adults/contacts take tour first to answer any questions the kids may have?