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These are my notes for a class in diskless architecture and lessdisks. 16:37, 29 Jul 2005 (PDT)

How Do Diskless Terminals Work?

  • Booting over Ethernet (etherboot, on nic roms, on card roms, PXE)
  • DHCP can offer a kernel location
  • Network Bootloaders (Network Bootable grub)
  • TFTP
  • scripts to ask for root over NFS, setup root environment rw/ro/network
  • XDMCP / X server on client, logging in on server

What are the differences between LTSP and Lessdisks?

  • debian chroot environment
  • lessdisks has virtual terminals (gettys) by default
  • LTSP has X over XDM/GDM/KDM by default
  • tftp+nfs vs nfs
  • sdm

sdm vs gdm/kdm/xdm

  • security?
  • setup to talk to multiple machines
  • anonymous login and how it works