Loading Ubuntu From a CD

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This document is about installing Ubuntu onto a computer from a CD.

Using Ubuntu as a Live CD

On most systems you can load the ubuntu live CD by inserting the disk and then restarting your system. When Ubuntu does not automatically load you must change the boot order inside the BIOS such that the optical drive is read before any hard disks.

Using Ubuntu as an Application in Windows (wubi)

Please see this much more complete documentation from help.ubuntu.com.

1. Turn the computer on and login to Microsoft Windows

2. Stick in the Ubuntu CD-ROM (*)

3. Select "demo and full installation"

4. Select "Help me to boot from CD"

5. Follow the steps on screen

6. Click "Finish" to restart your machine

7. You will be given a menu which will now allow you a choice of windows or Ubuntu

8. Highlight ubuntu with the down arrow key, and press enter (make sure the ubuntu CD is still in your drive)

(*)If the ubuntu screen does not automatically come up, you may have autorun disable. Click on "My Computer" and the double click on your CD/DVD-ROM drive to open the ubuntu autorun menu