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[[Install Ubuntu 10.04 on MacBook]]
[[Install Ubuntu 10.04 on MacBook]]
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[[Category:Tech support]]
[[Category:Tech support]]

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Install Ubuntu 10.04 on MacBook

Grab Hp notebook (without hdd) from Macland that has a mini Firewire port. Also grab a mini Firewire cable.

Connect the MacBook and the HP laptop via the firewire cable.

Press the power button on the MacBook while holding the "T" key to boot into Target Disk mode.

Turn on the Hp laptop and set to boot from network.

Select our current default image (at the time of writing - 10.04), and select that image.

The Hp will default to the empty hdd on the MacBook and the install will start.

You will see a blue screen indicating that the process has started; then after some time the "Partition Disks" dialogue box will appear.

Write Changes to Disk and Configure LVM.