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The Program

MacBuild is a post-Build program available to volunteers who have completed the Build program and are looking for something new and different. The MacBuild area works with desktops, laptops and accessories manufactured by Apple. While experience with a Macintosh system isn't necessary, it is helpful.


  • Mac Laptops - Learn to refurbish and repair MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs. We only build out Intel based systems, and either recycle or "as-is" G4 or lower systems. This area is the most intensive, as we often have to "Frankenstein" two or more laptops together to make one working system. If you are interested in learning about the Macintosh laptops, a good starting place is scheduling some time in the standard PC Laptop Build. That will get you accustom to the smaller scale of laptops prior to moving into the more challenging Macintosh systems.
  • iMacs - All in one systems with a built in LCD panel. Again, we only focus on Intel based systems. These systems often do not require as much tear down and refurbishment as the Macintosh laptops, but they can be tricky to open and access. Reviewing tear-down manuals on is a good place to start.
  • Mac Pros - Macintosh desktops. We refurbish mostly the Intel based systems, but will build our G5 systems when requested by the store or grants. These are most like a standard PC based desktop, and will be most familiar to volunteers coming straight from build. That being said, we don't often get these in.

Build Process

Helpful Links