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Welcome to FreekiWiki!

These links are for introductory pages for each of the primary areas of Free Geek. Please add to this list if something is missing. Don't worry too much about where your links should go. Wiki organizer types will come through and move things around. (However, there are hints in italics at the beginning of each section.)

Free Geek Structure

Anything that meets or does work regularly should have some kind of a link here.


Committees, Council, and Working Groups


This is where to put things that are actively being discussed or coming up soon.

How to use FreekiWiki

Please login. This will give you a username and a page of your own on which to brag, preach, lament or act mysterious. It also gives you access to a watchlist to keep track of pages you are interested in and allows you to choose how you want pages displayed.

Some pages to look at:

  • Recent changes shows the most recent edits.
  • Practice editing should happen on the Sandbox.
  • "My watchlist" is a way of keeping track of changes on particular pages.
  • Each page has a corresponding discussion page. Use this page to discuss major changes, questions, etc...

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.