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Welcome to the FreekiWiki,

Free Geek's ® wiki. We're up to 2,234 documents!
Core issues & collaboration
Topics actively being discussed or coming up soon.
The Big Picture
Proposals for Program Alteration or Expansion

Adoption Program · Build · Prebuild · Laptop · Enterprise · Printers · Recycling · Classes · Gapsters · Hardware Grants · Thrift Store · Tech Support · Front Desk

decision-making and work-doing bodies

Board of Directors · Community Council · Staff Collective

Working Groups

ASS · Coders · Core · Hardware Grants · Grant Writing · Webadmin

Standing Staff Committees

Action · C7 · HR · Knowledge Bees · PR ·Inreach · Propagation · Reuse · Technocrats · Receiving

How to use FreekiWiki

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