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How You Can Help Us

Donations of Technology

At Free Geek, we take unwanted computers figure out what works, fix them up and give them away to volunteers and non-profits. What doesn't work, we recycle. What seems old and outdated to you could be very valuable to us. Computers that may not make the grade for your IT department are often more than powerful enough for new users just making their first attempts at web surfing and e-mailing. We would be glad to take all of your unwanted technology.

Donations of Time

Does your company have a Volunteering Policy? We would love to have groups of, or individual, volunteers from your organization work with us.

Monetary Donation

If you would like to help, but aren't able to donate stuff or time, we also accept monetary donations of any size.

How We Can Help You

Tax Break


We will add donations from your company, of significant size, to our monthly press release and our newsletter to let people know how you have helped us.