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  • "Free Geek has been greatly supportive of the youth and families that I work with. While developing important ties to the community, youth are able to develop important self esteem and job related skills. They are able to do this while earning a computer of their own which can follow them as a tool into their search for jobs in our community."

Scott Brown LCSW, Youth and Family Therapist, Counterpoint Outpatient, Morrison Child and Family Services

  • "I have learned more in two weeks of volunteering at Free Geek than I have in two years of college work experience."

John Graham, Free Geek volunteer


  • 2006 Mayor's Spirit of Portland Award "Recognizes individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the community over the past year". Other recipients included Senator Avel Gordly and Andy Nelson, Executive Director of Hands on Portland.See for more info.
  • Association of Oregon Recyclers Annual Recycler of the Year Award for an Organization for 2006 Bestowed annually to recognize innovation and commitment in the field of recycling. See for more info.