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This is the content of a short (1-page) sheet to give to media to quickly introduce what Free Geek is.

Computers help us in many ways, but two problems remain: obsolete computers creates thousands of tons of waste each year, and yet many, many people still lack the resources to own a computer so they may take advantage of all this new technology has to offer.

Free Geek points these two problems at each other to solve them both. We accept unwanted technology, test and rebuild it, and give it to those in need in exchange for some of their time and energy. This way, a volunteer who works 24 hours to earn a computer from us is also helping to solve the global problem of e-waste overflow.

Our volunteers do much more than work 24 hours to earn a free computer, they form the backbone of our organization. They build the computers, tear down the parts to be recycled, teach others, and participate in upper-level decision-making. They make it so we can cheaply and efficiently work to solve the problem of e-waste and the digital divide while creating a welcoming, fun community.

While volunteers help make it work, many individuals and organizations benefit. Since Free Geek's beginnings in 2000, we have given over XXX computers to individuals through our Adoption Program, granted over XXX computers to local and worldwide not-for-profit organizations through our Hardware Grants Program, and sold more than XXX extremely low-cost computers to the public in our Thrift Store.

You probably know somone who either wants more access to technology, or has too much and needs to get rid of it responsibly. Help complete the circle

Statistics (possibilities):

  • # of volunteers, including per month, and hours
  • # of build volunteers: education
  • tons of material recycled
  • i like shawn's lower back
  • number of computers back in reuse
  • Served more than XX organizations around the world
  • Part of a growing movement: 5 Free Geeks around the country