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Program Basics

  • Program Name: Media and Volunteer Outreach Program
  • Program Description
This program would systematize outreach to media outlets and social-change organizations in order to better maintain and increase Free Geek's impact in these areas. Outreach would encourage increased money and/or hardware donations, volunteer recruitment, or general awareness depending on Free Geek's need at the time.
  • What best describes this program?
    1. Administrative (expected to support other programs that generate income and/or meet program needs)
  • Why does Free Geek need this program?
We've begun to experience a plateau in general awareness of our programs. This program would create a more efficient means of getting the word out about Free Geek, and therefore bring in more money, hardware, and volunteers. It would also create more organized record keeping of our acheivements, which would in turn add supportive materials to our grantwriting and fundraising processes.

Job Position Basics

  • Would there be a dedicated staff position associated with this program? YES
  • Position Title: Media or Outreach Coordinator (duties could also be shared among multiple staff/volunteers)
  • Job Description
Oversees media and volunteer outreach program. Works with Volunteer Program Coordinator to accomplish volunteer outreach, and Outreach Committee to accomplish media outreach. Tasks may include: create a system for keeping track of media contacts, create and publish press releases, oversee creation of media kit, create a strategy for media outreach, act as the main point of contact for media outlets, speak to reporters and delegate speaking responsibilities when appropriate, organize and maintain online media/press pages, make presentations on Free Geek to various groups, work with staff/volunteers to create media-worthy outreach opportunities (i.e. creating hardware donation opportunities in areas of the city we'd like to outreach to, then following up with a press release sent to neighborhood newspapers). These tasks could also be delegated to volunteers/staff.

Financial costs

  • What are the expected financial staffing costs of the program? (Include all costs to the organization such as salary, payroll taxes, and benefits.)
6-10 hours/week staff time
  • What other costs are associated with the program? (Include costs of materials needed, etc.)
    • media kit materials: $50/month?
  • If there will be a dedicated staff position, how much time would be needed for training?
    • How much time would existing staff need to put in? 10 hours
    • How time would existing volunteers need to put in? 5 hours
  • Once the program is up and running how many staff how many hours per week would it take?
    • In paid staff time? 10-12 hours/week
    • In volunteer time? 6-10 hours/week


  • Outline the intangible costs for the position and program:
Free Geek will seem more slick and produced. Culturally, we've focused on the content of the organization (as opposed to how we look to the outside world) ever since I can remember. The Media Coordinator would need to balance this cultural value with the standards of the media outreach industry.
  • Are there any possible negative impacts on Free Geek's mission, and if so what?
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions currently in effect?
Much of this program is already happening in a haphazard, one-off way. The Media Coordinator would take some of the load off some staff and volunteers, and perhaps create more work for others.
  • How will this program affect other programs and staff positions being considered?
Don't know.


  • Would the program generate income? NO
    • If yes, how much income would be expected once the program is up and running? $ @ / month
    • If yes, how long would it take for the program to get to that point? @
  • How does the program support the mission of Free Geek?
It will give us the attention that Free Geek needs in order to get the stuff, money, and people it needs to fulfill its mission.

Measuring Success

  • How can the success of the program be measured?
A slow, steady stream of stories about us in the media would be a nice measure.
  • For most income generating positions, the costs initially outweigh the benefits. If this is an income generating program, how long until it is expected to break even?
@ add info
  • Outline a plan for implementing the program:
Create strategy and organizational system first by working with staff/volunteers who do the stuff already, then gather contacts, update the website, etc.