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 This is a draft set of talking points and relevant background information being developed by members of the PR Committee. 
 It is not current or complete, so please don't go off it yet. 
 Please refer all media and interview requests to the PR committee before talking with press "on the record."
    • We are a nonprofit community organization that refurbishes and recycles used technology to provide computers, education, and job skills training to individuals in exchange for their volunteer service
    • We also grant computers to schools and charitable organizations in our community who in turn benefit others
    • Founded in 2000
    • FG has 32 paid workers
    • FG's revenue for 2011 was just under $910,000. Almost 20% of that revenue was from cash donations.
    • In 2011 we donated over 1,900 computers to 884 volunteers and almost 400 non-profits and community organizations.
    • We donated over 1,325 computers to schools, nonprofits, and individuals in 2011
    • We've refurbished almost 30,000 total computers since 2000
    • We were able to reuse ~25% of donated items in 2011. Diverting all of this from landfills.
    • Part of our mission is to provide education to our computer recipients to ensure successful reuse
    • Free Geek offers a wide range of computer classes that are free to our volunteers and the general public. You can find a complete list of classes and schedule on our website. In addition to traditional classes, Free Geek offers a ton of hands-on learning experiences in our build and adoption programs.
    • We have a diverse group of volunteers who are essential to the success and day to day operation of Free Geek
    • Currently, we have over 500 active volunteers every month (those volunteering 3 or more hours within a 30 day period)
    • In 2011, volunteers donated almost 20,000 hours of their time.
    • Programs: Build (build 6 computers and take the 6th one home) & Adoption (volunteer 24 hours to receive a free computer)
    • Free Geek is proud to participate in Oregon E-Cycles, a convenient way for Oregon residents to responsibly recycle their computers (including laptops), monitors, and televisions. The first 7 of these items are always free to recycle with Free Geek, but if you have 7 or more of these items, please call us beforehand to determine if you qualify for free recycling on everything. For more information about the Oregon E-Cycles program, please check out
    • The City of Portland and Free Geek have partnered up to provide computer access to kids and their families in Portland. The way it works: The city gives us their old computers, we refurbish them, and then grant the computers to schools and non-profits that work with children. We are also working on a program to foster volunteerism in schools, where kids and their families bank volunteer hours at school in exchange for a free city computer from Free Geek. So far, Free Geek has disbursed over 170 City of Portland computers to schools, kids, and non-profits in Portland!
    • FG is regularly audited by the State in order to participate in the Oregon E-cycles program
    • In 2011 we contributed approximately 1.5 million pounds of e-waste to the Oregon E-cycles recycling program
    • FG ensures that its downstream recycling vendors do not dump e-waste into a landfill
    • FG adheres to the strict Department of Defense standards on data wiping (see Data Security for more information)
    • FG has inspired many similar start-up organizations both within the US and internationally. Free Geeks within the intergalactic community are listed on our website.