Meeting Tips

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  • List everyone who attended.
  • For some meetings, list if they were late

Check in

  • Ask how everyone's doing -- usually requires no notes

Committments from Previous Meeting

  • Record the status of each item
    • Did it change owners?
    • Is it finished?
    • Is it a carryover? (If so, re-enter in the future committments section)

Old Business

  • Record item names
    • Key points from discussion
    • Proposals (at least loose wording)
    • Decisions -- Mark them as decisions -- Make sure the wording is accurate

New Business

  • Same pints at Old Business

Future Committments

  • Record the item, its owner, and a deadline

Next Meeting

  • Record scribe
  • Record facilitator
  • Record reporter (i.e. to Council Meeting or Staff Meeting)
  • Record next time and place of meeting