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The term "Mission Statement" comes up occasionally. Here's the text:

to recycle technology
and provide access to
computers, the Internet, education and job skills
in exchange for community service.

It's a simple declaration of what Free Geek intends to do.This comes from the bylaws, in a clause reflecting Free Geek's purpose (The primary purpose(s) of Free Geek, in furtherance of its charitable and educational purpose, shall be ...)

The mission statement serves as a basis of what Free Geek's activities will be, and in that sense justifies (to the IRS) our charitable tax status.

Note: it has also been publicly advertised on the main web site since the beginning as follows in the form of a definition:

FREE GEEK is a 501(c)(3) not for profit community organization that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those in need in exchange for community service.

(This uses slightly different wording, and the most substantial differences appear in bold text.)