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  • Wages are $11.55 per hour.
  • Length of job: 12 months
Work Hours
  • Part-time, 34 hours per week.
  • Four days per week or five shorter days, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:30am to 7:30pm, some evening or morning meetings, with some flexibility
To Apply
  • E-mail your resume and cover letter to
  • Applications for this position are due by XXXX.
  • Ideally, the selected applicant will start work on XXXXX.
  • Please note that apprenticeships are not a path towards full-time employment at Free Geek.

Basic Info

The Non Profit Apprenticeship (NPA) program at Free Geek is designed to provide capable individuals with relevant experience to succeed in the non-profit world. These apprenticeships are a great opportunity to gain experience:

  • in a hands-on teaching environment
  • coordinating a large group of diverse volunteers
  • collaborating with others to improve processes and make volunteers even happier
  • working at a busy non-profit

Each apprentice cross-trains at the Front Desk, Hardware Donations, and Prebuild, and works together with the other apprentices to improve these areas collaboratively. Additionally, apprentices may expand into other areas, depending on need and scheduling flexibility.


General Responsibilities for All Areas

  • Train, supervise, coordinate, and motivate volunteers
  • Give tours to potential volunteers
  • Learn about Free Geek's programs to accurately field questions
  • Proactively communicate with other Free Geek staff, especially other apprentices, and volunteers about the needs of all areas
  • Attend NPA committee and Front Desk committee meetings, rotating through facilitator and scribe roles
  • Keep abreast of relevant (and frequent) emails
  • Help keep areas in line with Free Geek philosophy and capabilities
  • Undergo intensive initial training
  • Assist in training your replacement at the end of your apprenticeship
  • Assist with community pickups (involves heavy lifting)

Front Desk Area

  • Greet visitors
  • Answer a multi-line phone, check & relay messages to appropriate places
  • Accept & process donations
  • Perform data entry
  • Use a cash register
  • Process till at the end of the day
  • Schedule volunteer shifts accurately
  • Make reminder calls to volunteers for upcoming classes
  • Prioritize lobby visitors appropriately
  • Print volunteer handouts daily
  • Maintain a steady stream of available coffee for volunteers
  • Take on additional daily tasks at Front Desk as necessary

Hardware Donations Area

  • Manage flow of gizmos through the hardware donations receiving area
  • Teach Adoption volunteers basic intake procedures
  • Welcome donors and help them unload their hardware donations
  • Ensure that Hardware Donations is well integrated with the rest of the organization

Prebuild Area

  • Teach basic hardware vocabulary and Free Geek's system evaluation process to Build volunteers as needed (we will train you)
  • Schedule volunteer shifts accurately

Required Skills

  • Be able to maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times in a sometimes chaotic environment
  • Experience coordinating and/or instructing people
  • Aptitude for and enjoyment of helping people
  • Interest in non-profit operations and management
  • Strong organizational skills (you like to put stuff in order)
  • Communicate, fluently, in English
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivated and takes initiative
  • Proficiency with using e-mail and Internet
  • Ability to learn Free Geek documentation tools (RT and wiki)
  • Comfortable with and capable of coordinating others
  • Be reliable & on-time
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds on a regular basis

Extra Credit

  • Money-handling experience
  • Fluency in another language

In Addition

The ideal candidate will be able to work well under stress in a somewhat chaotic setting and maintain a positive attitude. The candidate will not be afraid to ask questions, and will be able to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes.