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Advanced Testing Network Testing Network, or, Das Unternet

  • In order to securely test network devices in Advanced Testing, we've set up a secure network with minimal services to verify that devices such as switches, wireless access points, and routers work without exposing our main network to untrusted devices.
  • Services on Das Unternet are provided by the virtual machine "drydock," and the network is The services provided are DHCP and an httpd server on ("drydock")/
  • To troubleshoot, plug a laptop with a known working ethernet port into the Das Unternet jack in Advanced testing. make sure you obtain a DHCP lease in the network, then navigate to and look for the "It Works!" page. If these steps work, then the fault does not lie with Das Unternet, but rather with whatever device is being tested.
  • Possible points of failure:
    • the cable from Advanced Testing is plugged into the wrong network
    • drydock's host machine is plugged into the wrong network (ask a Technocrat)
    • drydock's host machine has a bad network card (ask a Technocrat)
    • drydock is offline (ask a Technocrat)
    • the web server may not be running (ask a Technocrat, and remind them that drydock is running nginx if they get frustrated)