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digraph D {
rankdir = TB

its_a_asis [label="It's an As-Is"]
remove_the_hdd [label="Remove the Hard Drive"]
RAM_question [label="Is the amount of RAM  installed more than, less than, or equal to 256MB"]
RAM_is_more_than_256MB [label="Remove RAM is needed"]
RAM_is_less_than_256MB [label="Add RAM as needed. \n Try to use up the small denomination sticks first \n  (i.e. 2 sticks of 128MB, instead of 1 stick of 256MB)"] 
affix_as_is_sticker [label="Affix As-Is sticker. \n  Include processor type and speed, and if it has an adapter with it. \n  Do not fill out the adapter specifications"]
remove_stickers [label="Remove Microsoft stickers, \n and any stickers identifying the previous owner, \n be it person or business"]
include_adapter [label="Include the adapter. \n  Wrap up the cords neatly, \n  but with enough slack on the ends that they can \n  be used without having to unwrap the whole thing"] 
check_with_instructor [label="Check with the instructor, they can check your work and sign-off on it."]
place_in_box [label="Place in the box labeled As-Is/Scraptop"]
its_a_asis -> remove_the_hdd
remove_the_hdd -> RAM_question 

/* Check if RAM is more/less/equal to 256MB. If so, adjust as needed */
RAM_question -> RAM_is_more_than_256MB [label="More than"]
RAM_question -> affix_as_is_sticker [label="equal"]
RAM_question -> RAM_is_less_than_256MB [label="Less than"]
RAM_is_more_than_256MB -> affix_as_is_sticker
RAM_is_less_than_256MB -> affix_as_is_sticker
affix_as_is_sticker -> remove_stickers
remove_stickers -> include_adapter
include_adapter -> check_with_instructor
check_with_instructor -> place_in_box

This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.