New Laptop Docs: Recycling chart

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<graphviz> digraph D { rankdir = TB

its_a_recycler [label="It's a Recycler"] hdd_removed_question [label="Has the hard drive been removed ?"] remove_the_hdd [label="Remove the hard drive, \n place it in the Incoming Hard Drives bin"] remove_stickers [label="Remove any Microsoft stickers, \n and any stickers that identify the previous owner(s)."] salvage_question [label="Does it have any of these ?: \n RAM \n DVD-RW \n Wireless card (internal or external)."] salvage_is_yes [label="Salvage them as spare parts, \n consult the instuctor with what to do with if you're not sure."] uncovered_elec_dev_question [label="Does the laptop have a Uncovered Electronic Device sticker ?"] remove_battery [label="Remove the battery and place \n it in the Bad Battery box"] reassemble [label="Reassemble it, to the extent possible."] sticker_and_sign_off [label="Affix the Hard Drive Removed Sticker, \n and have an instructor sign off on it."] place_in_box [label="If it has a Uncovered Electronic Device sticker \n place it in the Uncovered Box, otherwise place it in the Covered Box."]

its_a_recycler -> hdd_removed_question

hdd_removed_question -> remove_the_hdd [label="N"]
remove_the_hdd -> remove_stickers

hdd_removed_question -> remove_stickers [label="Y"] remove_stickers -> salvage_question

salvage_question -> salvage_is_yes [label="Y"]
salvage_is_yes -> uncovered_elec_dev_question

salvage_question -> uncovered_elec_dev_question [label="N"]

uncovered_elec_dev_question -> remove_battery [label="Y"]
remove_battery -> reassemble

uncovered_elec_dev_question -> reassemble [label="N"] reassemble -> sticker_and_sign_off sticker_and_sign_off -> place_in_box