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From time to time we need to deal with items that we don't usually recycle. Here is a list of items, and what to do with them.


  • what to do: break down into small pieces, put in provided bags
  • where to take it: Total Reclaim will pick it up, costs us money

plastic film

  • what to do: collect clear plastic bags, stretchable,and #2 and #4 grocery bags, in big bags,
  • where to take it: take to International Paper, or Recology

light bulbs

  • including incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs
  • what to do: collect them in separate boxen, protect them from breaking
  • where to take it: Total Reclaim(EcoLightsNW) will pick up, need to let TR know to bring invoice/Haz Waste Manifest, costs us money

scanner bulbs

  • if they come in loose, do not remove from scanner
  • what to do: store in a cardboard box, cushion the bulbs to prevent breaking, affix "Hazardous" sign
  • where to take it: Total Reclaim/Ecolights will pick up, costs us money


  • what to do: separate potential PCB from Non-PCB by reading the label, ballasts that say non-PCB on the label can be put in the CBM gaylord, all questionable ones should go to Total Recalim
  • where to take it: Total Reclaim, need to let TR know to bring invoice/Haz Mat Manifest and container for transport, costs us money

UPS batteries

  • what to do: collect enough to fill 5-8 Milk crates
  • where to take it: R.S.Davis Recycling will pick up

small appliances

  • including refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers
  • what to do (microwaves, dishwasher): send to Metro Metals on the printer scrap pallet
  • what to do (refrigerator, dehumidefier, water cooler): send to Total Reclaim, costs us money

wood waste

  • what to do: collect enough for a truck run
  • where to take it: Far West Fibers, costs us money


  • re: older style mercury bearing thermostats/thermometers
  • collect in a safe box to prevent breaking
  • fill out Haz Mat form from Metro CEG program(to be added)
  • take to Metro Hazardous Waste site
  • costs us money


smoke detectors

  • what to do: find out manufacturer
  • where to take it: send back to manufacturer
    • manufacturer address usually on the back of the smoke detector, if not, find out if the same manufacturer produces under different lables
    • most common: Kibbe, First Alert, often also labeled UL-United Laboratories
    • As of Feb 2012, this website has addresses of many smoke detector manufacturers:


oil filled radiators

  • what to do: drain the oil out of the plug, store in closed container
  • where to take it: housing goes in to steel bin, oil goes to hazardous waste site