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Outreach was a staff committee. It was open to volunteer participation. We covered a lot of different areas at Free Geek, so to make this more manageable we broke it down into several committees.

FG Events
In charge of Free Geek parties and festivals, like Geek Prom, Geek Fair, and the holiday party.
Meets seasonally, as needed. Generally, monthly for a few months before an event, then every other week, then weekly, then freakout right before the event.
Likely suspects: Ali, Laurel, Caitlin, Meredith
Email address: events at freegeek.org
In charge of room use requests, tours, volunteer rewards, front desk, public email addresses (like Volunteer@ and Info@), and large donation thank you notes.
Meets the first and third Thursday of the month
In charge of fundraising, grants, and membership development.
Meets Thursdays at 10 AM.
Likely suspects: no one
Email address: funding@
In charge of media outreach & relations, tabling, ads & marketing, the Free Geek website, corporate donations solicitation, and networking with other organizations
Meets every Saturday
Likely suspects: Ali,Laurel, Luiz, Tony
Email address: pr AT freegeek DOT org