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Note: this internship is not currently active. Its description is listed below for reference.

Job Title: Outreach Intern
Hours Weekly: 4 to 10 hours/week
Days Per Week: 1 to 4 days/week
Length of Internship: Minimum 3 months
Training: Orientation and Training Provided
Free Geek Supervisor: Shawn, Volunteer Program Coordinator


  • Help answer public email inquiries
  • Maintain form responses for email
  • Give tours/keep tour script up to date
  • Help write and design brochures for Free Geek programs
  • Check website for content that needs updating
  • Create and distribute event publicity materials as necessary
  • Solicit donations for events as necessary

Desired Qualifications

  • Extremely good written English
  • Extremely good spoken English and ability to explain things clearly
  • Good email skills/etiquette
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS a plus
  • Knowledge of desktop publishing (we probably don't use whatever software you're familiar with, so solid understanding of the concepts is all we are looking for)

In addition:

The ideal candidate will be able to work well under stress and maintain a positive attitude in a relatively chaotic setting. The candidate will not be afraid to ask questions, but will be able to work on projects with minimal supervision. The candidate will be able to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes.


This position is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable job skills, make a difference for people and the environment, and make connections in the community. Active volunteers are eligible to receive a 20% discount on items in the Free Geek Thrift Store and to become a member of the First Tech Credit Union. Free Geek also offers free computer classes to volunteers. In addition, interns can choose to receive a free computer after volunteering 24 hours in our internship program.

To apply

Please fill out our interest form, and we'll get back to you soon.

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