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Why are these people taking these boxes out the back door?

Free Geek partners with different organizations and schools to provide volunteer opportunities to people who cannot work at Free Geek's facility. These volunteers provide recycling services in their workshops, and the organization keeps track of the hours volunteers work. Volunteers are also eligible to receive FreekBoxen. A special class might have to be arranged for them to receive their training.

What canNOT be taken off site

Because of Free Geek's data security promise to donors, no media that might contain readable data can be taken off site. This includes floppy disks, data tapes, and hard drives. Video tapes from Multnomah Public Library are OK (and approved by MPL) because they are assumed to not contain data that Free Geek must ensure remains secure.

Anything donated by the general public that is recordable should not be taken off site. This includes video tapes, cassettes, floppies, and any other storage devices such as data tapes, cartridges, flash drives, etc.

When in doubt - don't let it out.

Active Groups, Contact Info, What they take





Sun Community Schools / Grout Elementary

Starting up on October 4th, 2013

    • contact: Tom Gronke/ (503-701-7511)/Michael Kelly
    • ages: 4th & 5th grade kids
    • drop off/pickup day: every Friday around 2pm, return material at 4:30pm
    • FG contact: Darryl
    • What they take:
      • keyboards
      • optical drives
      • anything from the DNR box that Staff has verified to be Data-Free & that the students might enjoy examining.
      • simpler networking devices
      • slot procs
      • heat sink fan combos (vacuumed)
      • 2 Desktop Systems - complete except that Staff must verify them to be free of Hard Drives & other Data-Bearing-Components.
    • How much they take:
      • at least 2 boxes of optical drives,
      • at least 3 boxes of keyboards.

Inactive Groups, Contact Info, What they take

FULL LIFE - formerly known as PSE

Inactive as of Feb 2012

    • primary contact (he does the scheduling): Ryan 503-235-8532
    • secondary contacts (usually too busy or offsite) Miriam or Micah 503-935-9819
    • drop off day: Tuesdays about 12:30pm, every Tuesday
    • What they take:
      • slot procs
      • heat-sink/fan combos
      • optical drives
      • keyboards - on hold until new teachers are trained
      • NOT printer trays - tried them, we and they had safety concerns

Portland Public Schools CTC Special Education


    • contact: Victor cummings at pps dot k12 dot or dot us
    • alternate contact: Penny
    • drop-off & pick-up day: Wednesdays between 1pm and 4pm
    • FG contact: Darryl
    • What they take:
      • cards
      • keyboards
      • speakers and fans
      • optical drives



  • Multnomah Education Service District Vocational School (Pathways)
    • contact: Mary Sechrist
    • drop off time: 11:00am - 11:30 am
    • what they take:
      • keyboards (up to 40 to start)

Monthly/On Demand

Mentor Network

  • contact: Donna Dylla 503-290-1978
  • pick up/drop off: We will deliver a gaylord of keyboards at a time, and take back material as needed
  • FG contact: Liane

What CAN be recycled off site, and how it's done

Here's a list of the common items that we send out to be recycled. Following each item is a list of what it's broken down into. Many groups need this as a reference for how they should divide up the output of their recycling.

  • Keyboards
    • Plastic
    • Steel (remove rods from longer keys, screws, plates)
    • Filmy plastic/Rubbery sheet (jellyfish-like)
    • Circuit boards
    • Wires/cables
  • Network Devices
    • Plastic (remove all LEDs, wires, switches, etc)
    • Steel (screws, etc)
    • Circuit boards
    • Wires/cables
    • Misc (CBM, etc)
  • Daughter Cards
    • Cards
    • Steel (screws, faceplates)
    • Aluminum (heat sinks)
    • Fans
    • Batteries (occasional button batteries)
  • Floppy Drives (aluminum chassis only)
    • Aluminum
    • Steel (covers, screws, etc)
    • Circuit boards (controller card)
    • Misc (motors, plastic/steel mix, cable/wire)
  • Heat Sink Fan Combos (ZIF only)
    • Fans
    • Aluminum (heat sinks)
    • Wires
    • Steel (screws, clips, brackets)
  • Slot Processor Combos (require some significant prying)
    • Aluminum (heat sinks)
    • Slot processor
    • Plastic
    • Fans
    • Wires
    • Steel (screws, clips, brackets)
    • Phillips Screwdriver #2
    • Phillips Screwdriver #1
    • Phillips Screwdriver #0
    • Torx Screwdriver T10
    • Torx Screwdriver T8
    • Flat Blade Screwdriver (Medium ~6 mm wide)
    • Flat Blade Screwdriver (Small ~4.5 mm wide)
    • Flat Blade Screwdriver (Very Small ~3 mm wide)
    • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Regular Pliers
    • Nutdriver 5 mm
    • Wire Cutters