Outsourcing Recycling

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Why are these people taking these boxes out the back door?

Free Geek partners with different organizations and schools to provide volunteer opportunities to people who cannot work at Free Geek's facility. These volunteers provide recycling services in their workshops, and the organization keeps track of the hours volunteers work. These volunteers are also eligible to receive FreekBoxen. A special class might have to be arranged for them to receive their training.


  • Portland Supported Employment
    • contact: Tony (503)234-3905
    • address: 1218 SE 7th Ave PDX 97214
    • drop off day: usually Tuesday
    • what they take:
      • floppies
      • cards (to remove steel face plate)
      • hard drives(make sure they are destroyed)
      • easy to take apart hubs and modems
      • processors with heatsinks (EXCEPT Slot1 processors)
      • heatsink-fan combos


  • Multnomah Education Service District Vocational School (TEC)
    • contact: Bill Hjelseth 503-262-4000
    • drop off day: Wednesday (might change)
    • what they take:
      • floppies
      • floppy drives, CD drives
      • cards(to remove steel face plate)
      • heatsink-fan combos
      • modems and hubs that are easy to take apart
    • what they can't take:
      • CDs or jewelcases