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===Who to call and when===
In 2008, Free Geek recycled 597 tons of material.  We could not have done this without our material handlers who pay us to separate the stuff and actually do the recycling.  In order to keep Free Geek from being crushed under the weight of our bad or obsolete donations, a fair amount of phone calls, e-mails, and fork-lifting is required...
If there's a question concerning our Oregon State Contract, and Liane can't answer it, (e.g. covered/not covered, authorization for Total Reclaim pickup), contact Carson Maxted at 5o3-5o1-8471.  Carson Maxted is our contact at NCER.
'''Each vendor should be able to provide at least one item from the list on this Page [[Vendor paperwork]] '''
==Current Active Vendors==
* Service CONTACT: Customer Service 503-283-7733
* SALES CONTACT: Lauren Nickels
* CAPACITY: every 4 weeks on Friday, 3+ bags, invoice to Liane's desk
* WHAT: work gloves, aprons, rags 
* WHAT NOT: rags that were used to wipe toxic or flammable chemicals
* To schedule a pick up: every 4 weeks rotation, Friday, no need to schedule
===Clover Tech/Environmental Reclamation Services===
* http://www.ersusa.com/
* CONTACT: Cassie Gruber Sales  Tim Mooney Shipments
* WHAT: Ink and toner
* HOW: boxes on a pallet, request shipment over email, ship with UPS Freight
* CONTACT: John Senff (main facility in Mt Vernon, WA) / Bill (local collection in Oregon City, OR)
* Toll Free: (800) 255-1895 ext 123( for sales related questions only)
* Phone: 503-657-9918 (to schedule drop offs)
* Facility: 1016 Dale Lane  Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
* Delivery: 13929 Fir Street  Oregon City  97045
* LEAD TIME: 2 days for delivery, 4 days for pick ups
* CAPACITY: Whatever we have
* WHAT: Processors, hard drive controller cards, circuit boards, RAM
===Metro Hazardous Waste Site===
*6161 N.W. 61st Ave., Portland, OR 97210
*(503) 223-8133
*FAX: (503) 223-8020
* CONTACT: Rafael - Mo/Tu/Fr/Sa 503-223-8133 (Supervisor is (Ms.) Rory Greenfield -- greenfieldr at m__ro.dst.or.us)
* CAPACITY: bucketloads
* WHAT: Batteries sorted by Alkaline, Button, Lithium (not RBRC eligible, not Lead-Acid that go to Batteries NW), and other hazardous chemicals.
* HOW: The rules for dropping off batteries at the  Metro Hazardous Waste site have changed:
We now need to fill out a "CEG" inventory sheet (download from Metro Hazardous' website: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/index.cfm/go/by.web/id=4442), include a proposed date and time for dropoff on the fax form, fax the inventory sheet to them.  They'll send us a cost estimate, and then we can actually go and drop them off. The fees have to be paid at that time. Please give them 5 work days turnaround time to schedule an appointment.
CEG = Conditionally Exempt Generator (of waste)
===Metro Metals===
* http://www.metrometalsnw.com/
* CONTACT: dispatch 503-287-8861
* CONTACT SALES: Dave Grill 503-680-7150 (cell)
* 5611 Northeast Columbia Boulevard Portland, OR 97218
* We now are on their weekly calendar for Wednesday am. As soon as we know our estimated shipment we call Dispatch and let them know how many we're shipping and what empties they need to bring. It is ok to leave a message after hours.
* LEAD TIME: minimum 1 day, 2 days is better
* WHAT: Copper bearing material (CBM), printer scrap, hard drive chassis, cords and wire, non-ferrous metal
(Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation)
* CONTACT: Sean (Western Recycling Manager) (949) 429 - 1598
* HOW: Boxen come with bags. One battery per bag. If battery is too big for the bag, tape up the end of the terminal.
* WHAT: Portable rechargeable batteries, including laptop batteries
* WHAT NOT: ups batteries
* changes to help with battery flow: We can now use double walled boxes, and fill them with batteries that have their terminals taped by electrical tape. They will be stored on a pallet, and when the pallet reaches at least 1000lb we call Sean for a pick up. RBRC uses Yellow Freight for pick ups. No payment needed if we set up shipment with Sean.
* FG site ID number: 71856
===R.S. Davis Recycling===
* CONTACT: David Fitts,  503-508-5908
* CAPACITY: minimum is 5 square milk crates of batteries.
* WHAT: UPS batteries - not in containers or racks, free of brackets; will accept a "minimal" amount of fuses, wires - David will let us know if we go over.
* WHAT NOT: other batteries.
* To schedule a pick up: call David with number of milk crates.
* LEAD TIME: minimum 1 business day, 2 is better.
===Schnitzer Steel===
* CONTACT: dispatch 503-286-6970
* CONTACT SALES: Florence Valencia 503-286-6957 or Mark Boguski 503-286-5771 mboguski at schn dot com
* 3200 Northwest Yeon Avenue Portland 97210
* LEAD TIME: 2 business days
* WHAT: Steel
===Total Reclaim/EcoLights NW===
*  BUT our weekly dispatch email goes to janeth at ....
* CONTACT:  Don Hawkins
* OFFICE PHONE: 503-281-1899
* CELL PHONE: 503-545-5528
* LEAD TIME: 2 business days
* Capacity: 30 gaylords &/or stretch-wrapped pallets
* WHAT: Monitors, Plastic, TVs, copy machines, scanners, Fluorescent, incandescent and other light bulbs (sorted), PCB ballasts
*Total Reclaim/EcoLights NW
*P.O. Box 30176
*Portland, OR  97294
===Waste Connections, Inc./Arrow Sanitary===
*12820 N.E. Marx
*Portland, OR 97230
* (503) 257-1331 or (503) 288-2500
* (800) 285-2601
* FAX (503) 257-8699
* CONTACT: Sarah M.
* WHAT: Trash, cardboard, paper, glass
* Recycling get s picked up Friday am.
* Trash gets picked up Saturday am.
* Extra trash pickups on demand with in 2 days for a fee.
===Wireless Alliance, LLC===
* http://thewirelessalliance.com/
* CONTACT: Andrew Bates Tel. (303) 543-7477 Fax (303) 543-7677
* WHAT: cellphones, chargers
* 5763 Arapahoe Road, Unit G Boulder, CO  80303
* HOW: We should be getting boxes with instructions soon, just like RBRC
==Inactive Vendors==
===Batteries NW===
* 2725 Portland Rd NE  Salem,OR 97301
* CONTACT: Tony (Sales Rep) (503)932-7579
* CAPACITY: minimum is now only  5  milk crates of batteries
* WHAT: UPS batteries
* WHAT NOT: other batteries
* To schedule a pick up call Tony and let him know approximate number of batteries.
*(503) 226-3441
*(800) 398-3441
* WHAT: nothing at this time
===Denton Plastics===
*(503) 257-9945
* CONTACT: ask for Bob
* WHAT: nothing at this time
===IMS Recycling===
* http://www.ims-electronics.com/washington
* CONTACT: Claire C (360) 750-8883  clairec(at)ims-electronics(dot)com
* WHAT: non-CED laptops, non-CED LCDs
* HOW: We call to set up an appointment, and deliver to them, or have them pick up for a fee
===Malibu Core Brokers===
* ADDRESS: 6737 State Street, Salem, OR  97302
* CONTACT: David Fitts, 503-508-5908
* CAPACITY: minimum is  5  square milk crates of batteries.
* WHAT: UPS batteries - not in containers or racks, free of brackets, fuses, wires.
* WHAT NOT: other batteries.
* To schedule a pick up: call 503-508-5908  with number of milk crates.
* LEAD TIME: minimum 1 day, 2 days is better
* CONTACT: Andy Hood (800-426-1496)
* WHAT: Cell phones, cell phone batteries, cell phone chargers.
* WHAT NOT: Cordless phones, other phones, non-cell batteries or chargers.
* New Shipping Instructions:
; [[Media:Recellular_shipping_instructions.pdf| Shipping Instructions]]
===Technology Conservation Group (TCG)===
*(503) 735-1102
* CONTACT: Kristoffer McGill
* LEAD TIME: 1 business day
* CAPACITY: 8 gaylords (minimum 6 required to send service truck)
*WHAT: nothing at this time

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