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Paid Internship Policy: This policy applies to Internship positions paid for by Free Geek. It was approved at the Free Geek staff meeting of May 21, 2004.
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This was approved at the Free Geek staff meeting of May 21, 2004. based upon an ad hoc committee report and policy proposal. The Staff Categories policy enacted in March 2007 changed things a bit.

It's noteworthy that, prior to March, 2007, the term "Exploratory Interns" was used in the place of "Exploratory Workers", and these workers were considered another type of paid intern. Just to help you through all that older documentation.

Definition of Paid Internship

  • Paid, or Job Experience Interships are designed to help people learn skills and gain some resume quality experience.
  • Paid Interns are paid hourly. Unlike Staff Collective members, they do not receive health care, vacation, sick, retirement, or holiday benefits.
  • Paid Interns, along with other staff and key volunteers make up Core.

Duration of Internship

Paid Internships are limited to six months with a review mid term.

  • We set Paid Internships to a maximum length of six months, with a 3 month review. However, if necessary, the collective can decide to extend the internship once for specific period not to exceed three months. This option should be rarely used.
  • The internships are limited to a single term because we want to extend the opportunity for a paid internship at Free Geek to as many of our community members as possible.

Expectations for Paid Internships

  • Job Experience Interns are expected to work on the day to day functions in the area to which they are assigned, including training volunteers in that area if appropriate.
  • Collective Members, by contrast, are expected to understand how the various areas of Free Geek interact and work on the long term goals of the areas to which they are assigned.
  • It's a good idea for paid interns to take on a project towards the end of his/her internship. This project could be created during the intern's review. The skills, aptitudes, and personality of the intern should help determine the shape of the project.

(NOTE: This does not preclude interns from working on the longer term goals. It is simply out of the scope of expectations for the internship job descriptions.)

Becoming a Collective Member

Free Geek always holds an open hiring process for collective positions, even if a prospective collective member is already an intern. However, there a mechanism for circumventing that in exceptional cases.

Changing Between Types of Worker

If we change a Job Experience Internship into an Exploratory Position, or vice versa, we will go through a standard hiring process, including developing and posting a new job description.


Related policies

Hiring Paid Interns

Paid intern hiring committees should keep in mind that we're hiring for "aptitude, not experience". This should be reflected in all facets of the hiring process, including hiring criteria, interview questions, and thinning, and candidate choice.