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There are two types of paid interns at Free Geek.

  • Regular Interns -- these are designed to give young people and others with challenges making it difficult to enter the job market. They are paid at a lower rate than Staff Collective members.
  • Exploratory Interns -- these are designed to help Free Geek figure out how to develop new job positions. They are paid at approximately the same rate of pay as Staff Collective members. Exploratory Interns are expected to report to Free Geek on how their job can fit in, for example:
    • as a new collective position
    • as a regular paid intern position
    • integrated into existing job descriptions
    • performed by volunteers

Both types of interns are limited to six months as a rule. The Staff Collective is allowed to make an exception to this and extend an internship one time for up to three more months.

Neither type of internship is a guaranteed stepping stone to a job in the Staff Collective, though it is much more likely that an Exploratory Intern would qualify to be in the collective than a regular intern.

Both types of interns are paid hourly. They do not receive health care, vacation, sick, or holiday benefits.

Both types of interns, along with the collective and key volunteers make up Core.