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==Repairing Options on the Panel or Adding Extras==
==Repairing Options on the Panel or Adding Extras==
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[[Category:Tech support]]
[[Category:Tech support]]
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Repairing Options on the Panel or Adding Extras

Right clicking the panel at the bottom or top in Ubuntu will give you the option to add/remove panel items and change panel settings. Through this process various applets display themselves, which leads to many customization options.

Common issues

Missing Windows Buttons on Task Bar

A common issue is missing task windows on the bottom panel. This issue is solved by adding the Windows List applet.


If the panel it self is missing:

Right click top panel; select 'new panel' from the menua new panel will be created on the right side of the screen.Right click on the new panel; select 'properties' from the menu. in the new window, use the drop down menu for item 'orientation'; select'bottom'.


Right click the new panel; select 'add to panel'. In the new window, select 'window list' from the list, and then click the 'add' button at the bottom right of the window.

Missing Network Status

Another commonly encountered problem is when a user inadvertently drags the default network status icon or notification area off the top task bar. This is remedied by right clicking the top task bar in a blank part, choosing add to panel and adding the Notification area.

Missing Logout/Shutdown Button

As above but chose 'Indicator Applet Session' (or 'Shutdown' but thats not the default).