Passive Solicitation Policy

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Free Geek has a passive solicitation policy for all volunteers. While Free Geek does not want to deny volunteers the possibility of gaining work through the act of interning or volunteering, we can not be seen as endorsing a specific person or business. Our desire is to encourage volunteers who are here to gain experience, learn, or as part of their support for the Free Geek mission, not as a vehicle for business promotion.

In certain situations, volunteers may interact with people whom they would like to share their personal or business contact information. No business cards or written contact information can be handed out, unless specifically asked for. If the other party does choose to contact a Free Geek volunteer for services that would normally result in payment, no business may be conducted on Free Geek property. Additionally, it must be explicitly stated that this transaction is between individuals and has nothing to do with Free Geek.

Volunteers are able to post promotional information or materials on the Community Board by providing those to the Donor Desk where their items will be verified and dated.



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 Adopted by the Collective 12/6/12