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(In Progress)

Our payroll provider is GNSA

Payroll reports are downloaded and as pdf files and placed on the application server, currently "beak" in "/srv/fgstaff/beancounters/payroll/GNSA reports/".

The payroll expense is recorded as a single transaction using a QuickBooks memorized transaction of that name. The expense is divided by worker category and the information for it is taken from a custom report called "Employee earnings by type". Starting in 2014, the expense instead will be recorded by class using a spreadsheet created by Richard, details to be arranged.

Individual checks and accompanying deductions are entered using the memorized transaction "Employee paycheck", then info taken from the "Payroll register" report.

Employer tax liability is taken from the "Payroll summary" report and entered into the memorized transaction "Payroll taxes"

Union dues and retirement checks

  • CWA
  • Calvert
  • other?