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This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development.
Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

Personal gizmos and personal sales: This policy addresses the sale and repair of personal property while at or representing Free Geek.
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Body that set the policy(s) on [lists.freegeek_meeting_Minutes Date Adopted].

Personal sales on Free Geek's premises

The sale of personal property on Free Geek's premises is not allowed.

Personal sales while representing Free Geek

Free Geek staff and volunteers are not allowed to sell personal property while representing Free Geek, whether they are at Free Geek or elsewhere.

Bringing outside gizmos into Free Geek

There are some rare instances where it is acceptable to bring personal gizmos into the Production Areas of Free Geek. Volunteers seeking to bring outside equipment into a Production area must obtain permission from the Staff Area Instructor. Permission will only be granted if the activity does not interfere with production or any Instructor's ability to assist other volunteers. Any work on outside equipment must be done under the supervision of an Area Instructor and take place during a Production Shift. Production Areas should not serve the purpose of Tech Support. If a volunteer seeks help trouble shooting their computer, they need to bring it to Tech Support.

Acceptable activities (if and only if there is space in a Production Area to do so and it does not interfere with production or any Instructor's ability to assist other volunteers):

  • using our network to update or upgrade their Free Geek acquired computer,
  • bringing in their Free Geek computer in order to use tools we have to trouble shoot on their own

Unacceptable activities:

  • bringing in personal computers to the Production Area to use any of the Area Instructors for advice and trouble shooting
  • bringing into the Production Area data-holding-devices, such as thumb drives, to plug into computers for the purpose of printing personal documents.

Documentation of outside gizmos

Any volunteers bringing gizmos into Free Geek must obtain an equipment pass from the Front Desk. They must keep this pass with them for as long as they have personal equipment with them.

Borrowing gizmos

All Free Geek gizmos going out of the building for purposes of testing, or otherwise loaned out, must be recorded in the Borrow Book at the Front Desk.


The problem is not so much the actual sales of personal items by volunteers and staff as much as it is the environment that those sales create. For instance, volunteers may not understand that the items being sold are personal (and not Free Geek) property. This can create misperceptions that reflect poorly on Free Geek and allow unscrupulous people to steal and sell Free Geek donations.

  • DEFINITION: A gizmo is an item that might easily mistaken for items donated to Free Geek, such as computers or computer part.