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This page will contain instructions on how to operate the phone system at freegeek, including paging, transferring, etc.

Interactive web based tutorial

Some one already made an interactive walkthrough. Check it out here norstar user guide

There's also a quick reference guide to some admin functions of the phone system here.

Making Calls

internal calls using intercom buttons

  1. Pick up the reciever.
  2. If > appears beside an intercom button, then dial.

or Press an intercom button without >, Then dial.

external calls using numbered line buttons

  1. Pick up the reciever.
  2. When > appears beside a numbered line button, then dial.

or press a numbered line button without >, then dial.

Holding calls

  1. Press HOLD. The > Flashes beside the line on hold.
  2. Press the line button with the flashing > to return to the call.

check the display for confirmation or additional information.

automatic hold

Calls are automatically put on hold when switching from one line to another.