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This page will contain instructions on how to operate the phone system at freegeek, including paging, transferring, etc. You may also be interested in reading about Answering the phone, and Current Phone Message.

Shawn is the person on staff who knows a little bit about administrating the phone system. We also have a couple volunteers more expert at it who can be called. Notes about admin stuff can be found in fgstaff/phones.

Interactive web based tutorial

Some one already made an interactive walkthrough. Check it out here norstar user guide

There's also a quick reference guide to some admin functions of the phone system here.

Making Calls

Internal calls using intercom buttons

The phones are set to go directly to an internal line when the handset is picked up.

  1. Pick up the receiver.
  2. A > appears beside an intercom button (second from the bottom on the right side), then dial or press an intercom button without >, then dial.

External calls using numbered line buttons

  1. Pick up the receiver.
  2. Dial 9 or press a numbered line button to get an outside line.

Transferring Calls

  1. Dial [Feature] then 70
  2. Dial the extension number you'd like to transfer to
  3. Hang up

Conference Calls

  1. On the phone with someone? Good.
  2. Put your caller on hold
  3. Dial the other person you'd like to reach (whether internal to FG or on outside line)
  4. Press [Conf/Trans]
  5. Press the held line

Automatic hold

Calls are automatically put on hold when switching from one line to another.


Some of the buttons on the standard office phones have been programmed for your phon-y pleasure.

  • Handsfree Mute: Speakerphone
  • Intercom: "Intercom" or internal line
  • Last No.: Redial
  • Voicemail: Voicemailbox for that extension
  • Conf/Trans: Conference calls
  • Line 1, Line 2, Line 3: External lines 1-3 (line 4 can't be accessed: it's reserved for credit cards, fax, and modem testing. It's left unprogrammed because we may eventually add another line for general use)
  • Rls: Hangs up whatever line you're on

Voice Mail Boxen


  • Total time for messages: 15 min
  • Max message length: 3 min
  • Message retention period: 30 days
  • Max outgoing greeting length: 1 min


  • From your extension on an internal line, press the "Voicemail" button, or dial 241
  • It will ask you for the password. Get that from Shawn.
  • It will ask you to change your password. Do that, too.
  • It will ask you to record your name (this isn't the outgoing message). Go for it.
  • To record your outgoing message, change your name or password, press 8 from the main menu. To change outgoing message, press 2 and follow prompts for the primary message (if you want to record an alternate, too, like for after hours, you can go into the system and switch between the two).
  • In general, press * to go up one menu

Accessing Your Messages

From Your Extension

  • From your extension on an internal line, press the Voicemail button, or dial 241
  • When prompted, dial your password then press #
  • Follow the prompts to retrieve, save, and delete your messages. You can also send a message to another voicemailbox (or your own) or press 8 to change your personal options like outgoing message.
  • In general, press * to go up one menu.
To Access Qwest Voicemail
  1. Dial: 503-233-9977
  2. Enter: 503-232-9350
  3. Enter: security code
  4. Select: options 4, 3, 1, 3, then (after message) *
  5. End recording with #
General Mailbox

Calls routed to an extension without a mailbox or with a mailbox that hasn't been set up will go to the "general mailbox". This mailbox has an extension of 100, and reception should check it on occasion.

  • Press voicemail button from one of the front desk phones
  • Press the other button
  • Dial 100xxxx (xxxx is the password for the general mailbox), then #.
  • Check away!

From Not Your Extension

There's a few ways to do this.

    • On an internal line, press the Voicemail button, or dial 241
    • When prompted for password, hit the # key and listen to the error message. Do it again. Do it once more.
    • You'll be prompted to enter your voicemailbox and password, then hit #
    • Use your voicemailbox normally
    • Call in from an outside line and follow the instructions for accessing your voicemail from outside FG.
    • Find a phone without an associated voicemail box. The build phone, soon the black hole phone, the public phone at the front are examples.
    • Press the Voicemail button
    • When prompted, enter your voicemail box number and password in succession, then press the # key.
    • Use your voicemail box normally

From Outside Free Geek

  • Call our regular number (503)232-9350. The automated attendant will answer.
  • Press your voicemailbox number (if you have an extension, that's probably it)
  • While your outgoing message is playing, press * *
  • You'll be prompted to press your password then the # key.
  • Use your voicemailbox normally