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This page will contain instructions on how to operate the phone system at freegeek, including paging, transferring, etc. You may also be interested in reading about Answering the phone, and Changing the Phone Greetings.

Notes about admin stuff can be found here: Phone System Admin

Making Calls

Internal calls from display phones

The phone system will automatically route calls internally when the handset is picked up.

  1. Pick up the handset
  2. Dial your desired party's extension

External calls from display phones

  1. Pick up the receiver.
  2. Press a numbered line button towards the top of the display phone.

Transferring Calls

When currently in a call and you want to transfer the call to another party, do the following.

  1. Press the "Transfer" button on the bottom of the display phone
  2. Enter the desired parties extension number
  3. Hang up the handset and go on with your life

Automatic hold

Calls are automatically put on hold when switching from one line to another.


The page feature is a way to make an announcement over the speakers throughout the building, i.e. to call someone up to the front desk. Follow these instructions for paging. Note: some easily accessible phones in the building have paging disabled.

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Press the page button. (second row on most display phones)
  3. Speak your announcement
  4. Hang up the handset


Here is a brief description of what some of the buttons on your phones may do. Some phones may be different. We can program any button on any phone to do almost anything. See a phone admin for programming buttons.

  • Line 1-4 - These buttons are to select an external line
  • Speaker Button - Use this button for using the external speaker rather than the handset for calls. Note: you will also need to press the mic button in order to activate the external microphone.
  • Dir - This is a directory of internal extensions. To utilize this feature, press the Dir softkey, then press the Ext. softkey and use the up and down arrows to find your desired party

NEC InMail (Voice Mail)

To access an InMail box setup to a display phone, first press the VMsg softkey, then enter your security code. If you are on a display phone that does not have a voicemail box setup to it but have access to a box. Press the VMsg softkey, enter the box # and then enter the security code.

Accessing InMail From Outside Free Geek

  • Dial our main line (503)232-9350. The automated attendant will answer.
  • Press # and you extension number
  • You will be asked for your security code. Enter it and press # again.
  1. Listen to the voice instructions

Problems & Solutions

More information will soon be added. In the meantime, if you have any questions please see a phone admin. Please report any issues you experience.