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The following are some key points of info to gather from the people making inquiries about pickups (also known as Offsite Donations), so that all info can get routed through the proper channels and allow pickups to happen in a timely manner.

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number and Email (and when is the best time to reach them)
  • Amount and type of equipment to pick up
  • Have they donated with us before?
  • Any special instructions? For example: If equipment is palletized, does the organization have a forklift or loading dock?

Examples of request types and what to do in case of each

*Phone Inquiries*

  • Tell the caller that they need to email pickups@freegeek.org with their request, and they will receive a reply within a couple of days with potential dates and an estimate for fees.

*Email Inquiries*

  • If the Request comes in via email please forward to either vrooom@freegeek.org or pickups@freegeek.org .

*In-person Inquiries*

  • On rare occasion an individual will come into Free Geek requesting information on whether or not we will perform a pickup of personal items or they may be a representative of an organization. You can handle this request in two ways. First, take down all relevant information about the organization or individual and email a summary to pickups@freegeek.org or vrooom@freegeek.org. Second, you may give them the pickups@freegeek.org email address and let them know which information to include when sending in their request.

Special Instructions

Quotes, Scheduling, Etc.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, tell them whether or not we'll be able to pick up from them, quote prices, give possible dates, or estimate a response time to their request, etc. The staff member in charge of scheduling the Offsite Donations will take care of all that once they receive the donor's email.