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A policy statement in development: Wifi Use Statement explaining our decision process about using wifi at Free Geek.
--Ideath 01:45, 13 Nov 2004 (PST)

When a new policy is proposed, we should put its text on a new page. It should be clearly labeled as a PROPOSAL. Discussion about the proposal should take place in the discussion link for that page. From time to time a rough consensus will be formed around various points in the proposal and at that time the main page should be altered. This allows us to separate the general conversion (ideas that we talk about but may not end up in the proposal) from the actual proposal we end up making.

We need to keep in mind that folks who don't use the wiki will have opinions. These people should be encouraged to use the wiki, but current wiki users should also seek out and summarize their input, recognizing that not everyone who ought to weigh in on an issue will be a wiki user.

When a policy is finalized (when consensus is reached through the wiki, email lists, face to face meetings, and so on) we should re-label the main page as POLICY (as opposed to PROPOSAL).