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==Conducting Prebuild Intern Interviews==
==Conducting Prebuild Intern Interviews==

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Conducting Prebuild Intern Interviews

Begin with a brief tour of system evaluation.

  • Depending on the applicant's familiarity with the area, go over the purpose of the area (to evaluate systems and educate volunteers) and the main process (flow charts) and the hardware identification area.
    • A staff member is always on duty (you will not be alone!).
  • Explain the responsibilities of interns
    • Teach Hardware ID
    • Instruct System Evaluation
    • Monitor hard drive box
    • Triage/transport power supplies, optical drives, cards, 'for build' boxes.
    • Checking the cart and taking it back
    • Stay up-to-date as Prebuild changes
  • Explain what volunteer will get out of the internship
    • Basic hardware experience and familiarity with the inside of a computer
    • Teaching experience
    • 20% discount at the Thrift Store
    • Participation in the Free Geek community
    • (If the volunteer seems really interested in learning how to build computers or programming, do explain that System Evaluation (by itself) will not teach them how to build or program a computer. Doing the build program concurrently is an option.)
  • The minimum commitment is three months.

Interview Questions

Cherry picked from Intern Interview Questions

  • What do you know about Free Geek and System Evaluation?

  • What is your experience with computers?

  • What kind of experience do you have with teaching? Tell us about formal and informal experiences, including one-on-one teaching of absolute beginners.

  • Why do you want to intern with us? What skills or experiences are you hoping to gain?

  • How comfortable are you with constant change?

  • Are there any skills or achievements that you'd like to share with us?

  • When would you like to start? What hours would you like to work?

  • (If the interviewee is completing the internship for school credit or other organization's program) What sort of paperwork should I expect to fill out?