Prepare for shipping to end user

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Scary Warning

Please do not use this option to set a users name and password at any time other than when they are first receiving it. THIS SCRIPT WILL ERASE ALL EXISTING USERS AND DATA at the time it is run. this should no longer happen with the default Free Geek 12.04 intall. Be wary!


"Prepare for shipping to end user" is a script that erases the default (oem) account and adds a new user with the same privileges. It can be found by clicking on:

system > administration > "prepare for shipping to end user."

Known Issues

Usings names like "oem," "root," and "admin" may cause problems. So don't do it!


If "prepare for shipping to end user" is missing there are two likely issues: 1) It was never there. Install it by typing:

sudo apt-get install oem-config-gtk

2) It was already run. Remove and install it by typing:

sudo apt-get remove oem-config-gtk


sudo apt-get install oem-config-gtk

Rolling Back Prepare for Shipping to End User

If Prepare for Shipping to End User has already been run and you'd like to roll it back to the default oem account, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Shift key immediately after the POST screen. Continue to hold until you reach the GRUB menu.
  • From the GRUB menu, select an image with 'recovery mode'.
  • From the Recovery Mode menu, choose 'root' or 'drop to root shell'.
  • At the root shell, run the following command:
mount -o remount,rw /