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Note: This page only refers to printers sitting on the incoming pile near Printer Island. The following should not be followed by anyone who doesn't have the permission of production. A printer production person must be present. These machines contain hazardous materials such as glass, toner and mercury.


By printers we mean things that only print.


We put all HP 900s and above on the shelves for testing.

Everything else goes in the Recyclables gaylord.


All HP Laserjet 4 and above should be tested.

For all the others we pull the paper and the toner, put them in their bins and put the machine in the Recyclables gaylord. If the toner is something we use in house (all the in house bins are labeled under the right side of the table.) we'll keep it. Otherwise they go in the toner bin under the left set of shelves.

Fax Machines

Ask for help identifying fluorescent tubes and LED lights.

Check for fluorescent tube. If it has one, try to remove the scanner section and put it in the hazardous box. Be careful and ask for assistance as these tubes contain mercury and are very hazardous.

If the fax machine has an LED light it goes in the Recyclables gaylord.


Tear off and clip free the scanner section and put it in the scanner box.

If the scanner section can't be removed, unscrew it and carefully remove the glass. There may be a fluorescent tube inside that contains mercury. Be very careful removing it and putting it in the hazardous box. Once the scanner elements have been removed, with the exception of the fluorescent tubes, put them in the scanner box. The rest of the machine goes in the Recyclables shelves.


Scanners with USB ports are tested. Other ones go in the scanner box, which will be added to the scanner gaylord outside.