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The Processing Badge represents the ability to prepare and sort all incoming stock as it arrives in the Thrift Store. This involves everything from when the item arrives from somewhere else right up until it gets put out on the floor for sale except pricing.


  • Cadet demonstrates the basic flow of processing stock
  • Cadet demonstrates the location of tools needed for sort and prep
  • Cadet demonstrates the location of outbox cart and purpose

The Sort

  • Which items get price tags
  • Which items get price dots
  • Which items do not get priced
  • Which items go into the free box
  • Which items go back to receiving
  • Which items go to advanced testing
  • Ensuring devices labeled as tested or as-is, as needed.
  • Preparing the outbox cart for launch
  • Emptying outbox cart (Receiving and back to AT)

Separating Adapters

  • Which items have their adapters kept separately
  • How to label and store adapters behind counter

Cable wrapping/prep

  • Cadet will demontrate tying cables with and without rubber bands and common mistakes for both

Shrink wrapping

  • Cadet will demonstrate shrink wrapping several items and common mistakes

System Badges/Price tags

  • filling out basic information on system price tags
  • Applying price tags to incoming systems and
  • Ensuring systems go out with a vinyl, 1" system badge.
  • Affixing As-Is laptop stickers/labels as needed

Removing Extra Packaging

  • Cadet demonstrates understanding of when to leave small items in packaging and when to remove them