Processing Monetary Donations

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These instructions are intended for those working at the front (donations) desk, those who process our snail mail, and whoever is making thank you notes for donors who give us a large chunk of money. We like to acknowledge these donors so they keep coming back!

When to Use this Process

If someone donates money at the front desk, through PayPal, or through the mail of $100 or more (fees not included).

What to do When the Donation Comes In

At the Front Desk

  1. Process the donation as normal, handing the donor his/her tax receipt
  2. E-mail "donations at freegeek dot org" with the phrase "Donation Thank You" in the subject.
    • Donation ID number
    • Name of donor
    • Address of donor
    • What they donated
    • How much money they donated
    • The date of donation
    • Indicate if they were given a receipt

Do not take credit card payments over the phone. Direct the donor toward PayPal.

Through the Mail

  1. Give the check with envelope to the Beancounter who will process the check and pass the info to the thank you group

  1. E-mail "donations at freegeek dot org" with this info:
    • Name of donor
    • Address of donor
    • How much money they donated
    • The date of donation (either on the check or day received)
    • Indicate that they were NOT given a receipt

Online Donations

When someone donates via PayPal, PayPal automatically e-mails donations at with whatever information the donor provided. Those that are $100 or more get either a thank you letter via mail or if only their e-mail is given via e-mail.

Making the Thank You Note

Look at the Donations RT queue. Floppy disk thank you cards are in the "mailing" folder underneath the register at the donation station. These cost 84 cents to mail, as of early 2009. The Special Thank You Receipts are located in Dead trees. You'll need to edit the receipt where indicated to make it accurate.

When you're done making the thank you, resolve the RT ticket, noting the date, and write "thank you sent". (If there's spam in the queue, move it to the Spam RT queue.)

If we only have an e-mail address, copy and paste this e-mail template:

SUBJECT LINE: Thank You From Free Geek


Dear <name>,

On behalf of the Community Council, Board of Directors, and Staff of Free Geek I want to express our gratitude for your generosity. Your donation of <amount received> on <date received> supports Free Geek in a myriad of ways. As a not-for-profit, Free Geek relies on the support of the community to continue our educational programs which provide equal access to technology. Additionally, your donation helps Free Geek to achieve an impressive rate of computer reuse.

Our success is possible because of the generosity and kindness of <business/organizations/people> like <you/yours>! Thank you so much for helping bridge the digital divide and improve the environment. If you would like a paper copy of your tax receipt, please e-mail me with your address and I will send you one.

Free Geek's tax identification number is 93-1292010.

Sincerely, <your name, title> The Community Council, Board, and Staff of Free Geek