Processing Staff Hours

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  • Collect all time sheets. Chase down people who haven't turned them in and get them. (It's better to warn them with plenty of advance notice about when they are due.)
  • Review time sheets for sanity:
    • Look for holiday when people claimed
    • Did they write notes on the side?
    • (It is possible to re-edit the time sheets if necessary.)
  • Open up staffworksheet.gnumeric from the beancounters/payroll directory on Free Geek's internal application server using gnumeric.
  • Each row represents a worker, and the backgrounds are color coded:
    • yellow = intern (hourly worker)
    • white = collective member (salaried worker)
    • grey = ex-employee (no longer working here)
  • Are there new workers? Add them -- this requires getting their W4 (?) information for spelling, SSN, birthdate, etc.
    • (Note, if you add someone at the end of the alphabet it's likely to change the total formula at the bottom. Check that before proceeding.)
  • Scroll the righthand side of the spread sheet so you can view the previous month (as an example) and the current month (should be blank data). You will be filling in current month with values similar to previous month, based on printed time sheets.
  • For each salaried employee, enter work hours, vacation hours, and holiday hours in their appropriate columns (from their time sheet).
  • (In cases where there's an unpaid leave, note the actual hours they should get paid for -- worked + holiday + any paid vacation.)
  • For each hourly employee, enter work hours. (There are no vacation or holiday hours for interns.)
  • When finished, check totals at bottom for sanity. This is what you'll be reporting to Paychex.
  • Save the spreadsheet.

Is someone on Jury Duty? See that wiki page for info.